ChopChop Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes in the Greater Boston Area

Winter 2019 Cooking Classes

Register and see our full list of classes at All workshops are drop-off classes at the ChopChop Test Kitchen, located at 697 Belmont Street, Belmont, MA. For each person you refer who signs up for a ChopChop cooking class, get a 25% discount to be used on a class of your choice in 2019. Simply tell your friend to mention your name during the registration process.

The Edible Alphabet, Food Classes for Toddlers & Grownups


Create simple snacks, build alphabet and number literacy, experiment with new foods, and enhance fine motor skills in this toddler-and-grownup class. Come to all 26 classes (A-Z), a handful, or just one.

Toddlers 2-5 and their grownups: February 26 - May 9, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Register here.


Cooking Like a Boss: Kitchen Skills Every Teen Should Know


Become kitchen-confident and discover how to make easy, tasty, healthy eats for high school and beyond.

Grades 6-8: Saturday, March 16, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Register here.

Register and see our full list of classes at

About the Classes

Discover the fun of cooking with our experienced instructors at ChopChop’s Test Kitchen in Belmont, Massachusetts.

In each of our hands-on cooking classes, kids will learn essential cooking skills such as chopping, sautéing, and simmering, along with organizational skills, teamwork, math skills (e.g. learning to double or halve measurements), and reading comprehension as they learn to read and work from recipes. Plus, we’ve found that the best way to get anyone (especially kids) to try and love new foods is by getting them in the kitchen smelling, touching, cooking, and tasting real, delicious food. Our instructors introduce healthy ingredients and tasty flavors as they teach easy-to-follow recipes your kids will want to make again and again. Check out our upcoming classes above!

“Shayla had a total blast! She chatted our ears off about Brussels sprouts, and we all enjoyed trying the cranberry chutney and pumpkin cornbread. She was particularly pleased about using “an adult knife” and that she had made the food herself. It was a great experience for her!”
—Parent of a child who attended a ChopChop cooking class

About the Test Kitchen

The ChopChop Test Kitchen provides a safe, hands-on environment for educating local families about cooking and eating. The kitchen is a modern, 820-square-foot education space located in Belmont, MA. We focus on using fresh, nutritious ingredients as we teach our students the fundamental cooking skills they need to make delicious food.