Seasoned Magazine

Inspired Cooking Magazine for Adults

Seasoned is designed for our older readers who may have new cooking circumstances due to changing family structures—or who may need advice for downsizing meals or managing a more-restricted diet or food budget. Seasoned is a 32-page, full-color magazine featuring skill-building how-tos, budget-stretching ideas, brain boosters, social tips, and, of course, lots of recipes for delicious and easy meals you can make at home.

Seasoned celebrates the art of making food delicious and cooking food that matches the time of year (when you can) and the season you’re in yourself.

Issues 1 and 3 are sold out, but issues 2, 4, and 5 are available for purchase. Plans are underway for expanded distribution. You can purchase single copies for $5 each (until supplies last) by emailing

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Seasoned Magazine has been a great additional resource for my patients. Patients have been very pleased with the magazine, commenting on how they like the simple recipes and are always looking for something new and healthy to cook. Thank you!” —Giesla Potter, RD, CD, Indiana University Health Morgan